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October 24, 2016
Stop giving a Shit – please
November 26, 2016

About not being Australian.

After almost 11 years being in Australia….
after paying more than 250K to the local economy in taxes
after producing 2 little Australian citizens and 1 more on the way
After purchasing 2 properties and a 3rd one very soon…
After having registered 3 different businesses and voting in 4 elections…
Today, I got abused for not being Australian.
First time I experience racial abuse and the feelings are more than interesting.
Initially I felt like screaming back to the guy that attacked… that I have an Australian passport and that technically I’m legally as Australian as him.
But then something clicked.
But then I realized that I’m not THAT Australian he is talking about.
I have traveled around the world, I speak fluent 4 languages, I have 3 nationalities and I have the capacity to understanding why he is screaming at me.
He doesn’t.
The old guy in a Ute that was cursing me for having a “German” Dog , and having an “American accent” – (far away from my accent) and telling me to “go back home” … didn’t understand an important point.
I understand him.
I understand his fear.
His Ignorance.
His small town mentality.
His concern for change.
I have met him before.
In met him in Middle East I saw him in Belfast, in the Basque Country, in Colombia… in East London….
I have met the moment when ignorance and fear get together and start a party.
Just like it happened with Trump…. just like it happened with in the UK.. just like what happens in Europe… just like it happened in the Peace Process in Colombia.
He is right: I’m not Australian, in the same way there is not ONE “American” and there is not one “authentic Australian” either.
I’m not Colombian anymore and even speaking French and with a French last name … “I’m not French” in the eyes of my White French Father.
Nationality, color, religion, race, soccer team, tribe, or background… it all comes to primal feelings.
Love, fear, dreams, family, hopes.
Regardless where you are, regardless how different you are… once fear reaches you… the capacity of thinking, the capacity of understanding, the capacity of reaching out…. vanishes.
Proud to say that not being Australian, makes me more Australian than ever before …

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