It's all in the branding.

Investing in the right branding can literally change the way your business is perceived by visitors and clients. It's not just about the message, it is about the full context, design, and style you want to share with your audience. A strong brand, a solid image can change conversion dramatically. I'm a true believer that the best type of investment you can do is in strengthening your brand with clear call for actions, strong colors, smart design and a clear positioning of you , as the expert, as the leader in your industry. I have done this with a dozen of clients, and in every single case, the approach has been the same. Identify your strong points. tight up your image Consolidate your message Revamp your online presence. The result? A strong brand that attracts with trust and authority a new range of clients .

Re-branding Case Study

This is one of many cases that I had the opportunity to coach and launch a re-branding project. In this case, the goal was to strengthen the brand of one of the most famous and respected SEO consultants in the Industry. My job was simple and complex: To remind the world that the authority behind the company name, was in fact the founder of the company : Matt Diggity.


The new landing page or homepage became a good and balanced mixed of call for actions while giving the user the possibility to "chose their own adventure" while at the same time promoting the content of the blogs. The site is clean, looks professional and the new logo and tagline brings a new feeling to the site.


This is what Matt's site used to look. Although it worked fine, the style was a bit early 2012... and we wanted to bring something that was less of a "blog" style and more of a modern landing page. The page looks too busy and it's difficult to identify what are the steps to follow.

Blog Page

Blog pages are never Awesome and in this case I wanted to push Matt brand while making it easy to read... I think this goal was achieved


By default Blog design in WordPress is not super attractive and in many cases, it doesn't help conversion. In this case this was the same as with so many sites. The Blog lacked branding and it was busy and confusing to find the call for action.


By improving the site and cleaning up distractions, the branding of Matt increased. We also customized each feature image to be more personalized, with a stronger image. Overall, Matt was extremely pleased with the results.

SEO Coaching Page

It's not just about branding... it's about improving confidence, trust and conversion.


Not only the design of a landing page is vital to increase sales, booking and conversions but also to build rapport with the reader. This design for this specific landing page wasn't converting enough, a makeup was well due.


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