Stop giving a Shit – please
November 26, 2016

News Flash

You are going to die eventually.

It will happen. In a hospital like this … at home… during a random day.

Today I realized that life is f*cking short… and If I die today I would regret so many things I have been so scared of trying.

I lost my family back in Colombia for constant ego dramas.
I lost friends for my lack of tolerance.
I lost relationships for my lack of awareness.
I didn’t climb more mountains because I though I wasn’t fit enough
And I didn’t try new adventures because I was scared of failing.

And today in a place like this I realized all my tribulations. .. my inner dramas… my little “what people will think of me” … will make zero difference in a place like this.

I should have say “sorry” more often when I was an ass.
I should have traveled more.
I should have watched less YouTube videos and create amazing memories instead.
I should have replaced anger with kidness … and instead of complaining about people be humble and give a hand more often.

Now the good news is that every day is a new day to do something amazing. To try to destroy an inner wall .. to become the hero of your own movie.

I guess in this type of moments I realize is all about what legacy you will leave behind and not what you regret you didn’t lived.

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