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I’m a business coach and avid reader. I studied psychology in university and I teach communication strategy. Behavior, incentive and motivation are really hot topics in business. If you’re an entrepreneur, you want to understand what motivates your customers to buy your products or services. If you’re trying to make a change in your life, then you want to understand how to transform your behavior. This is the book you’re looking for!

Machuret delivers a raw, entertaining story. He shares his real experiences, his personal transformation, and the strategies he used to make that transformation. The story is supported by his personal research. He has discovered universal mistakes we all make that keep us from fulfilling goals. Taking these universal mistake statements one by one for examination, Machuret delivers direct, concise ways to break through excuses in order to make or continue progress for goal manifestation.

This book is less a sensational novel and more like a workbook. For each excuse type, Machuret delivers a case study from his own life. He describes how the excuse functions in a specific scenario and also more generally. Then he describes how to break through the excuse and concludes the segment with a call for reflection and action. In this method, the heart of the message is exposed rather than buried. If you want a sensational biographical journey novel, this isn’t it. If you want some zero BS and straight to the point strategies to move forward in your life…well then stop reading this review and buy this book already!

“Success is the constant awareness that the goal is not the final destination, but the way we decide to walk during challenging moments.” Learn how to walk your talk, and talk your talk better, with this gem of a book. 🙂


I read a lot of self-help material and have been reading it for 50 years (I’m pushing 70), so I find a lot of new stuff repetitious and pretty ho-hum. Zero Excuses is a huge exception: it’s great! The material is right on and the author is a skilled writer. So skilled, in fact, that I find myself re-reading paragraphs to commit them to memory because they’re so very apropos. This book is well worth the price–and then some.


Wow this book has shown me so many areas where my opinions and perspectives have been found completely limited by my previous experiences and beliefs.

I found the combination of Gabriel’s personal stories and factual information to be a really great way to make these common excuses relatable and understandable.

I certainly feel much more human and capable of tackling my own excuses that have hounded me along my journey.

I’m excited and looking forward to the challenge of putting all of this new information into practice!

PS… I saw someone ask for and get a free coffee today!!!


Gab Machuret is the leading authority in App Store Optimization. He has been providing clear, concise actionable steps on how to get your apps discovered in the highly competitive space since the beginning. Gab knows how to get your apps found using organic (aka cheap) effective methods. I read a ton about ASO and I know Gabriel is the best in this space. He is a very good teacher and shows you the steps he uses to achieve success in the app store. I highly recommend this book- whether you are a total newbie and you just heard about ASO or if you are experienced, there is still many great tips that you can pick up.


A+++++++ Highly recommend!