Stop giving a Shit – please

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November 16, 2016
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November 28, 2016

Stop giving a Shit – please

–> Hey… stop giving a shit about “what may happen”. <–

In the last year… I stop giving a shit. (literally) …
(or at least I started to try to do so… slowly …)

You see, I was wrong…
I though life needed a formula. A blueprint.
Before, just 12 months ago, I was flooded with questions like:

Am I good enough?
Do I deserve this?
Should I post? Should I write?
Should I share?
Am I good enough to compete?
What if people think I’m X or Y…
What if I send a proposal and they say no.
What if I write and they laugh, what if I make one mistake after another…
What if I fail ?
what if I loose all the money?
What if I fall in love?
What if I end up alone?
what if things don’t work out?
what if I end up alone living only with German Shepherds? 😉

Now slowly but very surely, I’m discovering that the less I give a shit about things that are out of my control … the more positive energy seems to come back towards the things that really matter.

Less energy in the “external world”. More energy in the internal part.
I still care enormously about everything I do, but whatever may be the outcome based on a 3rd party opinion, is now irrelevant.
You can only do one thing: give your bloody best.

The rest, is a mix of your own efforts, of life, of your own process, of those lessons you are suppose to learn.

This may sound like hippie #motivation type of crap, but it’s not.
At some point… you can only be true to yourself and understand that the universe doesn’t give a shit about you, so there is no point to try to control the outcome of every single process.

For 38 years I tried to control all the results and I ended up screwing up more times that I managed to control my surroundings.

So my suggestion is:
Make more mistakes, do shit faster, launch leaner, stop over thinking, stop winning, stop wondering, write a bit more than you did yesterday, be kind to people, do random and epic acts of awesomeness and stop worrying about “the world”.

As far as I have learned:
The world is too damn busy to give a shit about you anyway… so have fun instead of trying to control the outcome of the game.

Because… usually, when you do epic work and when you are honest about who you REALLY are providing value to the world…

…. you end up winning the game.

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